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Payment Options

Monaghan Credit Union members now have a number of Payment Options available to them, with no hidden fees or charges.

Making payments to your Credit Union account, as detailed below, has never been easier. We also have an in-house speed lodgement facility where members can quickly make lodgements into their accounts using the speed envelopes we provide and either of the speed boxes located inside and outside the Credit Union.

Direct Debit Facility

Members can now give their credit union details to pay insurances, utility bills, gym membership or any other bills or expenses by Direct Debit. Important: contact the Credit Union BEFORE you set up your first Direct Debit.

Electronic Transfers

Members can transfer money directly to their own bank account or to another payee’s bank account within two business days. Members can also transfer money from their bank account directly into their credit union account.

Credit Transfers

Members can have money paid in directly to their own Credit Union account - wages, child benefit, pension payments and social welfare payments can all be paid into the Credit Union.

Payroll Deduction

Members can save or arrange to pay back their loan through a wage deduction.

Online Card Payment

Make a payment online through our website, using your Debit Card, to your own account or to another member’s account.

Standing Order

Members can arrange a recurring payment from their bank to their credit union account by standing order. This facility allows regular payments to loans or savings account.

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