Membership of the Credit Union

Joining the credit union is easy. Once you are within the common bond, just apply for membership at our office. There is a nominal entrance fee of €1.27 for anyone over 16 years of age and you may start by lodging a minimum of €10.00. The nominal entrance fee does not apply to anyone under the age of 16. You are encouraged to save regularly, even in small amounts, which will create the habit of saving and add to the savings pool. Every person who saves in the credit union is an owner, and has a say in its running. Each member has one vote, because as a democratic financial co-operative, the credit union is controlled by its members.

You must satisfy common bond requirements to qualify for membership. To be eligible for membership of Monaghan Credit Union, one must live or work in the area indicated on the common bond map. If you contact the office we will determine your Common Bond.

Apply For Membership

Opening An Account?

In line with current legislation you must provide proof of the following:

  • Proof of Identity: a current valid Passport, Driving Licence, ML10 Form (accompanied by a Birth Certificate) or Birth Certificate (under 18 minors only).
  • Proof of Address: a utility bill or bank statement or government document with the current home address (dated within the last 6 months).
  • PPS number: PPSN on an official document such as medical card, payslip or P60.
  • Proof of a parent/guardians identity is required for opening a minor under 18 account.

Note: There are alternative arrangements in place for establishing the identity of persons who do not possess the above documentation.