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Member Car Draw

Who Can Enter the Credit Union Member Car Draw?

The draw is open to all members of Monaghan Credit Union Limited (excluding Staff, Volunteers, Directors and Board Oversight Committee members) aged 18 years and over, subject to payment of the relevant draw fee.

How Much Does the Draw Cost?

The cost of participation is just €1 per week of entry. Members who have not completed an entry form will not be permitted to participate in the draw and no entry will be valid unless full fees are paid in advance. Members must pay the entrance fee of €13 per quarter, per account, which will be deducted in advance from savings.

Terms and Conditions of Car Draw 

Terms and Conditions of Monaghan Credit Union Limited Car Draw

How Do I Enter?

You can enter by completing an entry form, which are available in our office or by downloading the form online and returning it to the Credit Union. Members who have not completed an entry form will not be permitted to participate in the draw.

Please note: Members must accept the Terms & Conditions of the Car Draw before accessing the entry form.

Car Draw T&Cs
Car Draw Entry Form
Terms Acceptance

Can I Leave the Draw?

Members who do not wish to remain in the draw must notify the Credit Union in writing of their intention to withdraw.

Members can print off a car draw withdrawal form HERE and return it to the credit union or ask a member of staff for a withdrawal form.

When is the Car Draw On?

The draw will take place on a quarterly basis (on a date as determined by the Credit Union) and will continue until the Board of Directors deem otherwise. All draws will be held in public in the Credit Union Office or any other location as determined by the Credit Union. All draws will be supervised by at least one member of the Board Oversight Committee.

How Will I Know When the Car Draw is On?

Members will be informed of draw dates through our website and social media channels Facebook & Instagram. The draw will also be shown live on our Facebook page for members.

Notice of the draw will also be displayed in the office on posters and on our info TV.

How to enter

How To Enter

Members can come in to our office and complete and entry form or download the form here.

If you would like more information on our member car draw please contact us today.

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